Tuesday, December 28, 2010


WOW!!! It's been a LONG time since I have posted!!! But, I have a new computer and a new camera, so the only reason for me to NOT blog- would be pure laziness!!! Im gonna try to update everything soon..But here's a few pictures until then!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And then there were three....

Surprise!!!! We are pregnant!!!! Believe me.. its a surprise to EVERYONE! But we are happy to announce that we will be adding another baby to our family in March of 2010! We have told our families and are working on telling all of our friends.. We took the boys to lunch on Tuesday and told them. I dont really know what I was expecting, but I wasnt expecting the reaction I got.. They have been asking me for a baby for probably over a year now. So when the time came for us to tell them that they were going to be big brothers, I guess I was expecting some excitement.. Nope.. they just stared at us like we were crazy. It was kinda funny.. I kept waiting for it to sink in... and then they would get excited. NOPE. NOTHIN..
I only have a picture of Dayne's reaction.. Kevin took Carson's picture, so I'll have to get the picture from him.. Both the boys are happy about it but I dont think Carson understands. So we will have to give him a few months!!!! Keep checking for updates!!!! Being a mommy to 3 will definately be interesting!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Playdate with the Johnsons!

Yesterday we went over to the Johnson's house to play with Marianne, Micah, Makenna, and Marlee..And we had so much fun! The boys locked themselves in Micah's room to play for a few hours while Marianne and I chatted. It was a blast just hanging out with her.. Funny how when you get together with a good friend, anything is fun! We talked and laughed like teenagers! Once the boys emerged from the room, they swam and shot of some fireworks in the backyard.. Im so glad they moved back to town! Cant wait for the next time we can get together!
They boys were playing Twister and we kept hearing all this screaming coming from the room. I grabbed the camera and ran back there to see them screaming, trying to move like little pretzels.
Carson on Makenna's trampoline.. funny story.. Makenna accidentally pulled his hair, and he got upset.. not because she pulled his hair... but because she messed his hair up!
Me and Kenna snuggling in the chair!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Build A Bear

We havent had alot of time so far to go do fun stuff. So, today the boys and I went to make bears at Build A Bear. Dayne has been before but this was Carson's first visit. It took him a few minutes to understand that he was going to get to fill his own bear. He kept telling me that he didnt want a flat bear, he wanted a stuffed one... But once I explained it to him- he was super excited. Dayne made a monkey that he named Marvin. Carson made a bear that he named Carson, and we also made our friend, Makenna one, that they named Angel.It was lots of fun! After we stuffed bears, we went to Sonic for a special lunch!


Picking out their bears.....

Giving their bears some groove...



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ok Im officially a big fat loser.. I havent posted in months!!!! Im starting fresh though.. so keep checking!
Ok Im officially a big fat loser.. I havent posted in months!!!! Im starting fresh though.. so keep checking!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pinnochio Girl and Pinnochio Boy!

So we are finally at my mom's house. If you havent heard, we made a HUGE decision to move in with my mom in Garland for a year in order to pay off some serious medical debt. Hopefully we can get it all done in a year! My mom is so great! She is super patient with the boys and always has lits of fun stuff planned! On Friday night, Dayne spent the night with Tristan so Grandmom and Carson decided to make some puppets. Onces the puppet making was done, Carson decided that they needed to have a puppet show! It was so adorable and we had so much fun watching. He named their puppets Pinnochio Boy and Pinnochio Girl.

Take a bow!